Code + Design Bootcamp

The PalTel Group Foundation will be offering scholarships for an intensive Computer Science Bootcamp this summer in both Ramallah and Gaza City.
The program is open to university students entering their final year and studying Computer Science or Computer Engineering, Math in both the West Bank and Gaza.
Dates: Sunday June 28 to Thursday July 23
Location: Ramallah and Gaza City
The Code + Design Bootcamp is a program that combines four weeks of intensive in-person CS instruction by industry professionals from Google, Facebook, Uber, Snapchat, etc and/or PhD students from leading universities such as Stanford and UC-Berkeley with Udacity Nanodegrees - an industry leading online learning platform which designs programs with technology companies.

The program will also include a Design Thinking intensive, significant work on interview problem solving (i.e. algorithms practice), introduction to professional coding practices, and a course in entrepreneurship developed by Y Combinator, the leading incubator in Silicon Valley behind companies
such as Dropbox, AirBnB, Reddit, and Stripe.

The Bootcamp's mission is to create a culture that embodies a strong work ethic, a willingness to take risks, and a critical mindset - in order to empower students to challenge their circumstances, and to ultimately train graduates to be readily employable as software engineers at local, regional, and global technology firms - or become relentlessly resourceful entrepreneurs.

Successful completion of the program means a diverse portfolio of projects to show potential employers and an established credential to affirm your achievements.

  • Data Science / Machine Learning
    a.  Nanodegree earned: Data Scientist (designed by IBM Watson and others)
    b. Please note students must have very strong foundations in Mathematics (i.e. Linear Algebra) in order to enroll in this track and will be required to pass a screening assessment / quiz

Important Information:
  • Full time commitment: Students accepted into the program are expected to have no other commitments from the period of June 28 to July 23, the Bootcamp requires students to attend 6 days per week during the duration of the program
  • Summer / Fall 2020 commitment: Students will be expected to complete their Udacity Nanodegrees during the summer / fall of 2020 (3-6 months)
  • Prerequisites:  Students will be assigned basic prerequisite courses through Udacity prior to the program and must complete them (i.e. Using Git, basic Python / Java review)
  • Language Requirements:   Please note the Bootcamp will take place fully in English
  • Udacity:  An innovative online education provider that offers cutting-edge courses built in partnership with leading companies like Google, AT&T, and Facebook on everything from mastering web design to tech entrepreneurship, learn more
    • To learn more about the Data Scientist Nanodegree, click here

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  • Please complete the application fully in English.

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